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We prefer if you do not bring anything with you as we do supply everything that is needed for your loved one. During the winter months we do recommend that you supply a coat for your dog as it does get a little chilly. All items should be clearly marked with the dogs name on it. 

Yes as we do live on the premises, and we are contactable at all times. 

We have local vets that can be of assistance 24 hours a day. We will contact you the owner straight away to let you know. All delivery and vets fees of the animal will be paid by the owner. 

If a family has more than one animal they can be placed together if required. Normally we do not put big dogs from different families together unless it is requested. Even our little dogs have their own unit, although the little guys do mix when outside having a play or run around. We do this so that we can monitor the dogs’ progress while in our care. 

You are most welcome to bring your own food as long as it is proportioned in size of meals and marked with your animals name on it. However, our price does include food but we do realize that some dogs do prefer to eat what they are used to or have special dietary requirements. 

All boarding fees for animals are paid at the time of arrival. We take Cash, Eftpos, and Credit Cards we do not accept cheques or American Express. If any monies are outstanding due to an extension of stay this can be finalized on pick of the animal. 

No they do not stay in the kennel all day; all dogs that stay with us do go out on to grass runs daily. We like them to have a little bit of sunshine and exercise; all kennels are fully covered, weather proof and fully escape proof. We have never had any animal escape whilst in our care. 

All dogs that stay with us will be charged a hydro bath fee of $25.00 if they are in the kennel 4 days or longer, (off peak) Any shorter stays than 4 days then this is your decisions if you want your dog to have a bath. Peak Times compulsory fee from day 1. 

Yes all animals need to be vaccinated to be able to stay at all kennels. Dogs require at least a C5 and Cats an F3. If their vaccinations are due they must be done at least 2 weeks prior before entering the kennels. All proof of vaccinations must be shown upon arrival. 

A deposit of $100 is taken only at Easter and Christmas to secure your booking. This is a non-refundable deposit if any cancellation is done, however upon arrival of boarding this will be deducted from your account. 

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