Each pet is unique, so we’re trained to be accepting of all sorts of personalities and energy
levels. Here’s a list of some things we offer.

Dog Boarding

Our dog kennels are spacious
and clean. Your dog will be
warm and safe at night.

Learn more about our dog services

Cat Boarding

When you travel, know your
cat is taken care of by our
trained staff.

Learn more about our cat services


British short Ragdoll, Chinchilla
and Devon Rex Breeder.
Enquiries welcome.

Learn more about our bichons

Here at Pinelands Pet Motel all our trained staff are
animal lovers and treat all pets with love and respect
no matter what age or breed. We pride ourselves in
giving personal care to your dog or cat. You can feel at
ease and peace of mind knowing your pet is well taken
care of. Every animal is a family member at Pinelands
Pet Motel.

Happy Customers

Meet a few of our loyal fans around the neighbourhood

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